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Gehl Forklift Parts

Gehl Company is the top producer of compact equipment specializing in the agricultural and construction industries. They have several new additions to their product lines such as the Gehl compact articulated loader models 140, 340 and 540. These latest machines have become prevalent with farmers, ranchers, landscapers, fertilizer and feed plants, stable operators and grounds maintenance and municipalities all around the world.

Gehl articulated loaders are all outfitted with Yanmar diesel engines. These engines have proven to be quiet and efficient powerhouses that feature Interim Tier IV-certified emission technology. These engines are recognized for their great effectiveness in all functions. Horsepower on the 540 model varies to 47hp, and to 23hp on the 140 model.

Gehl articulated loaders have been built to operate almost anyplace. They offer optimal traction and maneuverability due to a heavy-duty oscillating joint which provides forty five degree rotating angles toward the right and left, with 10 degrees of oscillation in either direction. Access is fixed to tight and confined spaces by narrow machine widths. Majority of skid-steer loaders with similar operating capacities are unable to compete. The bucket and tires on the Gehl equipment follow a stable turn radius as well. This means the back tires of the loader follow the course of the front tires.

The articulated loaders features hydraulic power and precision that come along with all the Gehl machines. Bucket float and lift arm features permit these machines to execute rearward level and light scraping actions. Flat-face couplers, with the two easily accessible auxiliary hydraulic lines power several instruments and make changing the accessories a simple task to do.

The articulated loaders constructed by Gehl have hoist arms that are uniquely created to maximize strength, great visibility, and a fast time cycle. The linkage design is specialized to allow for mechanical self-leveling action in up and down directions. It could also simply carry out excellent bucket dump angles at the top and mid ranges of the lift path as well as offering excellent forward reach. Models 340 and 140 have parallel kind linkage and the 540 model has "Z" bar kind linkage. These linkage designs provide great bucket breakout forces from two thousand four hundred thirty three pounds on the model 140 to 10,749lbs on the model 540.

Gehl articulated loaders are popular world-wide for their supreme ergonomics, unsurpassed visibility and ease of operation. The 340 and 540 models have a complete cab enclosure preference available. This provides enhanced comfort and safety for the operator. Secure operation and 360 degree visibility is sustained by placing the operator above the load to guarantee an exceptional view of the accessory. An inching pedal permits the one operating it to alter ground speed whilst maintaining a fixed engine velocity. This particular feature allows the one operating it to optimally run attachments while making certain precise machine speed control. A multi-function direction control controls the float, differential lock and auxiliary hydraulic functions, bucket, travel direction and the lift arm.

With more than 150 years of familiarity within the industry, Gehl customers across the world could be satisfied that all new articulated loaders will be backed by the service and support they need. The company's highly devoted and experienced support, service and sales teams help guarantee each and every aspect of the customer's requirements are looked after. These new machines are manufactured, designed and tested in the US. Parts and service are all provided by Gehl Company's vast vendor network together with the centrally located parts distribution center. All of the Gehl goods are fully backed with remarkable sales and finance alternatives.

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